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Stone Polymer Composite, referred to as SPC, combines a stabilizer, PVC dust, and a limestone core. It is denser due to the core’s 60–70% limestone and 30% fused PVC content. SPC is 10 times more impact-resistant than WPC and is known for its rigid core. It is more resistant to scratches, making it ideal flooring for sunroom installation. It is more stable inthe sunshine.

You can build SPC over most pre-existing subfloors as it doesn’t show minor subfloor flaws from a flexibility standpoint. It is a floating floor system with an easy-to-install locking mechanism that you can quickly change if necessary.

The flooring type comes with EVA Foam Pad for enhanced sound absorption and superior comfort underfoot. Its high-density stone core conceals subfloor flaws and prevents flooring expansion and contraction.

It is resistant to contraction and expansion even in moist environments because it is constructed with waterproof materials. Since it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, it can be used safely in residential and commercial structures.

The weight endurance of SPC Flooring Los Angeles is impeccable because of its stiffness. Consider utilizing SPC flooring if you have a heavy entertainment center or pool table, for instance, to avoid dents and scrapes.

If you’re looking to install standard flooring that is also budget-friendly, our selection of superior SPC Floor Installation Los Angeles at My Flooring Expert is fantastic is accessible on the wallet.

We excel at supplying high-quality; long-lasting flooring that is also reasonably priced. We know that SPC is the material of choice for practically any home flooring project, and thanks to its quicker installation than hardwood, we can have it in your house in no time!

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