Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles

Life’s too short for old, scratched, scuffed floors. Let our experts bring your floors back to life. Call us today for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles.

What Our Process Looks Like

Whether the wood in your dwelling is 3 months or 50 years old, our skilled artisans at My Flooring Expert can restore it to its original beauty. Most houses constructed before 1960 contain Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles. This is why many homeowners look for reliable service providers to refinish the hardware beneath the carpet in these locations more and more regularly.

If you also want to improve the value of your home, My Flooring Expert can HELP you!

As we value your time, we provide an in-home consultation before beginning a refinishing project to ensure we can provide precisely what your home needs. Refinishing, in our opinion, should completely repair your floor instead of just improving its appearance. We ensure to finish the task effectively regardless of its size.

Our skilled refinishers sand off your current floor’s top layer before beginning the repair procedure. It takes around three sanding sessions with increasingly finer grit paper. We know each floor type and follow a proper method to repair and refinish the more significant scratches.

Typically, we start with a coarse 30–40 grit sandpaper, then go on to 50–60 grain sandpaper to even up the surface, and ultimately, we use a fine 80–100 grit sandpaper to soften the flooring. The floors are then vacuumed using a gentle attachment to make them look fantastic!